The perfect accessory for those who dare to be bold! A beautiful bangle with Sleeping Beauty stones!


This three stone Royston turquoise cuff is absolutely incredible!  A truly gorgeous piece of jewelry.


Sterling silver feathers, swirls and other accents are completed with the perfect Pilot Mountain turquoise stone.


Stand out from the crowd in this incredible cuff!


This cuff will make an absolute statement with it's bold Chrysocolla Malachite stone.


Stopping the show in this outstanding Boulder turquoise 3 stone cuff!


An incredible Sonoran turquoise cluster cuff with beautiful hues of blues, greens and accented with sterling silver details!


Such a unique design with 3 Sonoran stones to tie it all together!


These bracelets showcase 5MM Navajo Pearls and are a stretch style bracelet! Sold Individually!


These are in order from left to right, select a style from the dropdown!


This beautiful cuff is encrusted with Sleeping Beauty stones!


This beautiful bracelet showcases 5MM Navajo Pearls!


This beautiful bracelet showcases 6MM Navajo Pearls!


One for the books! The stone in this Sunnyside cuff is remarkable!


This piece is simply stunning.


A powerful Kingman cuff with a heavy sterling silver setting!


Sterling Silver is a timeless addition to any jewelry collection. This cuff features a beautiful hand-stamped design!


An incredibly designed cuff with a beautiful Kingman stone! Flecs of pyrite in the Kingman stone give it a little sparkle!