We are all about making statements around here!  This necklace is truly a statement piece & an excellent collector’s item!


An inlay beauty handcrafted by the Zuni tribe! The variety of colors in this pendant set it apart from the rest!


Sterling silver accents make this beautiful pendant sure stand out! The inlayed designs bring such beautiful color contrast!


An amazing pendant that will leave you staring for days! Incredible inlayed detail makes for a lovely pendant!


You'll never find another like it, a showstopping set!


All eyes on the prize with this beautiful Bumblebee Jasper pendant! Just wow!


A true work of art right here. This Bumblebee Jasper pendant is amazing.


The perfect squash blossom set to add to your jewelry collection, the details in this design are simply amazing! With matching post style earrings, you will adore having this beauty in your jewelry box!


An eye catching piece of jewelry that is sure to grab their attention.


An incredible Bumblebee Jasper stone!  Bumblebee is known for it's bright yellow, orange coloring and is broken up with a lovely combo of grays, browns and even black!


The colors of this Bumblebee stone give very dark and mysterious vibes!  The yellow and orange contrast brightens the look up for the perfect contrast.  This is a stunning, large pendant!


The most perfect pair! This breathtaking White Buffalo necklace and earring set is gorgeous beyond words! A match made in heaven and a must have!


Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming in Golden Hills Turquoise! This Golden Hills squash blossom is one for the ages, the statement piece of all statement pieces! This pale blue beauty is a piece to cherish for generations to come!


The lariat made to steal your heart and just so happens to be made of your favorite turquoise too! Sierra Nevada Turquoise is the most beautiful mix of green and blues! The 4 stone drop of this necklace gives length and dimension to any outfit!


Why just pick one type of stunning turquoise when you can have the best of the mines in Nevada?! This absoluetly gorgeous cluster set features stones from the Royston, Sierra Nevada and the Turquoise Mountain mine! The large center medailion is accompanied by 4 of the most unique half clusters you will find!


Live life in full bloom, and full of stunning Sierra Nevada Turquoise! This outstanding necklace features 5 clusters in full bloom and the earrings to match! The matrix of these stones makes this beauty so versitile, complete so many outfits with this piece!


What a powerful beauty! A White Buffalo pendant that size and strength speak for itself! If there is a statement to be made this pendant will do it for you!


The most perfect necklace for any turquoise collection, or for a first time collector! The Kingman turquoise is beyond breathtaking and will steal your heart!