Shiny, flashy and fun! You'll want show off these beauties!


The traditional look of Sleeping Beauty turquoise can't be beat!


A bracelet after your own heart. Dainty and cute in Sleeping Beauty turquoise!


A stunning feather design, finished with Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones that wrap around your ear!  These beautiful hoops are just stunning.


An absolutely elegant design, these Sleeping Beauty earrings are long, lightweight and classy! So much to love about these beauties!


A sterling silver buckle with incredible hand stamped designs by the Native American artist.  Encrusted with Sleeping Beauty turquoise and coral stones!  This is a gorgeous accessory.


"Oh, I want to dance with somebody!" Dance all the way to the mailbox after ordering this unique piece! This dancing Kachina Naja features 6 eye-catching Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones!


Stop the show in these flashy Sleeping Beauty Tiered earrings


Start young with the Turquoise obsession? I think yes! Get this pretty Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet for the little one in your life!

Truly unique in these Rosie Singer sterling beauties!  The Sleeping Beauty turquoise is the perfect pop of color!  They are in order from left to right, select a style number from the drop down to see an individual photo!  

A beautiful sterling silver feather earring with turquoise accents! Styles are in order from left to right, top to bottom.  Select a style number to see an individual photo!


A remarkable, three Dreamcatcher sterling silver earring design!  A gorgeous pair of earrings that are long and lightweight!


An adorable heart shaped Sleeping Beauty stone in this cute ring!  Select your size from the drop down!


The most adorable pair of flower earrings!  Sleeping beauty turquoise and sterling silver are a great combination!


An absolutely classy pair of earrings with gorgeous sterling silver details and beautiful Sleeping Beauty stones!


The perfect accessory for those who dare to be bold! A beautiful bangle with Sleeping Beauty stones!


The artistry in these is truly remarkable! Sterling silver feather details contrasted with a bright blue Sleeping Beauty stone!


Gorgeous inlayed turquoise stones in these hoop earrings!