The most perfect pair! This breathtaking White Buffalo necklace and earring set is gorgeous beyond words! A match made in heaven and a must have!


You hate to see her go but love to watch her leave! This statement White Buffalo set will leave everyone in a room speachless! The shine and sparkle of this beauty is unmatched!


What a powerful beauty! A White Buffalo pendant that size and strength speak for itself! If there is a statement to be made this pendant will do it for you!


Five White Buffalo stones to fall in love with every time you put this cuff on!  Sterling rope details around each stone!


Absolutely breathtaking!  These White Buffalo sets are in order from left to right, top to bottom. Select a style number from the drop down to see an individual photo.


So stunning!  These White Buffalo sets are amazing.  Select a style from the drop down to see individual photo of each set.


Wow them in White Buffalo! These earrings are remarkable. Select a style from the drop down for a closeup picture!


A true classic beauty. 12 White Buffalo stones are arranged in a beautiful Lariat necklace. Finished with amazing sterling silver finishes.


This awesome rectangle White Buffalo ring will be one you reach for every single day! Incredible coloring and details!


Another amazing White Buffalo design! The sterling silver surrounding the stone is incredible and so is the colors in this stone!


Beautiful White Buffalo stones are speckled with light grey matrix in this beautiful necklace.


A beautiful, round shaped ring with incredible Sterling Silver details.


Outstanding! This incredible White Buffalo necklace will fit Navajo Pearls up to 16MM! *Sold Separately*