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Boasting gorgeous mixes of the most precious stones, these Zuni earrings are sure to gain attention! A vibrant addition to any collection or outifit!


The most stunning rainbow of colors in these Zuni Inlay Earrings. Such delicate simplicity to add to any outifit!


A lovely combination of a variety of stones create these Zuni artisan made earrings! With a rainbow of colors, these earrings will stun any on-looker!


A classic!  This gray T-shirt is so soft and comfortable!  You'll love the material and how easy it is to style this T-Shirt!


Snuggle up in this adorable pink hoodie!  This one is incredibly soft and the logo details are just fun!


Looking cute in this black and white baseball T!  This oh so soft shirt will be your new favorite to throw on and head out the door.


This Bumblebee pendant is a great size! The sterling silver surrounding the stone gives this piece so much character. You'll get lost in the colors of this pendant.


You belong amongst the stars and with this necklace you'll be right there! This is a fun and beautiful piece of jewelry!


Get lost in the sea of black that accents the bright white of this stone! A beautiful White Buffalo cuff.


You'll be classic and elegant with this White Buffalo cuff! A gorgeous stone with beautiful contrasts of black and white.


Dense and delicate all at once, the Boulder Turquoise ring is a piece of jewelry to be reckoned with! Each stone in unique in its comination of brown Jasper amongst the blue


Breathtaking colors and beautiful ribbons of Jasper and turquoise make up this amazing Boulder Turquoise ring!


With rich brown Jasper amongst ribbons of teal Turquoise, each Boulder Turquoise ring has its own unique patterns and color variations!


Beautiful mixes of Jasper and turquoise make up the lovely ribbons of color in this stunning ring! Boulder Turquoise pieces are each so unique!


The Boulder Turquoise stone in this stunning ring is unique, containing no exact alike pattern as any other cut! So much to love about this piece!


Sometimes referred to as "Ribbon Turquoise", the marvelous Boulder Turquoise in this ring will appeal to any turquoise lover!


Boasting elegance, the stone of this Boulder Turquoise ring is like no other! Each stone has its own unique pattern!


With a combination of its own, the browns and blues in this lovely ring are a sight to behold!


The most special ring boasting stunning uniqueness! Each stone is very unique in its patterns and color variations, making our Boulder Turquoise pieces even more desirable!


A ring to love for a lifetime with the most lovely ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise! The Boulder Turquoise contained in this ring is sure to gain compliments!


At times referred to as " Ribbon Turquoise," the trails and lines of lovely brown Jasper amongst the blues in the Tuquoise are what make this ring so rare! The Boulder Turquoise is a must have for any turquoise admirer!


Full of rarity and showing off its unique ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise, this Boulder Turquoise ring is a work of art!


Simply breathtaking, this pair of earrings contain the unique Boulder Turquoise. With ribbons of Jasper and turquoise, what is not to love!?


Sure to bring a lifetime of joy and beauty, this Boulder Turquoise ring boasts uniqueness! Containing ribbons of beautiful browns and teals, it is a stunning display!


An adorable ring with rich hues of deep brownish blacks around the corners of the turquoise ring!


Beautiful deep browns and blacks contrast a rich blue green turquoise in this one of a kind Pilot Mountain turquoise ring!


The unique, teardrop shape of this ring makes it stand out from the rest! The beautiful stone is gorgeous.


One of a kind in this turquoise beauty! You'll want to wear this one every single day once it's in your jewelry box.


An absolute showstopper! This beautiful blue Pilot Mountain turquoise pendant is one of a kind! The sterling silver setting finishes this unique piece of jewelry.


So unique in its pattern, this set of Boulder Turquoise earrings are like no other! Brown and blue ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise make them dazzle!


Perfection is the best way to describe this pair of Boulder Turquoise earrings! With ribbons of brown Japser, and blue turquoise, each pair is unique in its pattern and colors!


Sometimes referred to as "Ribbon Turquoise", these Boulder Turquoise earrings have their own unique patterns of brown and turquoise! So much to love!


Like no other, these stunning Boulder earrings are boasting breathtaking ribbons of browns and blues! So many things to love about this set!


Such a rare find, these dense and gorgeous turquoise ribbons mixed with brown stones create the most unique color combo! This will be a ring to cherish for a lifetime!


Plain and simple perfection, these Boulder Turquoise earrings are so easy to adore! Ribbons of brown coloring and Turquoise cover the stones.


One-of-a-kind ribbons of brown coloring and Turquoise cover these stunning Boulder Turquoise earrings! Elegant and precious in every way!


Sure to steal your heart, these Boulder Turquoise earrings shine with their patterns of golden browns and turquoise!


Precious Boulder Turquoise is the star of these incredibly unique earrings! Ribbons of brown and blues create an amazing variety of combinations!


So many details to love in these Boulder Turquoise earrings! Showing off its very own unique ribbons of golden browns and Turquoise, this set is immeasurable in its beauty!


The most lovely set of Boulder Turquoise earrings to cherish for a lifetime! With ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise, these stones are unique in every way!


Precious in every way, this set of earrings boasts gorgeous ribbons of brown and blue! The Boulder Turquoise stones in this set are unique in that no other pair is just alike!


Stunning uniqueness and perfection make up this delicate set of Boulder Turquoise earrings! With the most beautiful ribbons of color, it is sure to bring beauty to every outfit!


Ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise create the most gorgeous combinations in these Boulder Turquoise earrings! A set to cherish for a lifetime!


Boulder Turquoise in known for its gorgeous colors and unique ribbon-like pattern, along with the elegance it boasts! A sure to love set for a lifetime!


Long and elegant! These beautiful, linear shaped earrings are truly one of a kind! The graduated Navajo Pearls are sure pretty and the shape is stunning!


The pattern of Navajo Pearls in this clasp style bracelet is amazing! The beads range from 3MM to 6MM!


A perfect mixture of different sized Navajo Pearl beads! This is a classy pair of earrings that will have you saying wow! You'll want to wear them every single day.


Mixing Navajo Pearls of different sizes from 3MM up to 6MM adds so much character to this beautiful bracelet! The stunning clasp finishes the look of this oh so sweet design!


Cute and fun! That's what you'll be thinking when you see these earrings in person, they are even prettier than the picture! An easy pair of earrings to throw on and hit the road.


One big 8MM Navajo Pearl in the center of this bracelet is finished with beads down to as small as 4MM for a very unique look! Throw this bracelet on and head out the door!

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Family Owned Since 1971


Ginny is the amazing woman who started it all when she opened her first turquoise store in 1971.  She passed her love of turquoise on down the line & we are now four generations of family business.

We take pride in bringing you the highest quality turquoise jewelry directly from our Native American Artists for 50 years.


Family Owned for 4 generations


Because our family works hand in hand with the artists, we can guarantee Authentic Native American made Jewelry and turquoise stones. For almost 50 years, we have taken great pride in hand selecting our stones and jewelry to bring you the highest quality and lowest prices.

Our family stands behind every piece of jewelry, giving you the peace of mind that you will have the best piece for the best price guaranteed.