The cluster style is so in fashion and these are amazing earrings!


An absolutely elegant design, these Sleeping Beauty earrings are long, lightweight and classy! So much to love about these beauties!


Trendy Sterling Silver naja earrings adorned with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Earrings measure 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width. Artist Stamp: C. Yazzie.


Flower shaped Kingman dangle earings. Length 3/4" width 1/2". Artist stamp N.W.. Stamped sterling.


Triangular shaped Kingman turquoise dangle earrings. Silver roping on edges of stone. Length 1/2". Width 1 1/4". Artist stamp LP. Stamped sterling.


Beautiful and classic look of sterling silver Navajo Pearls in a gorgeous hoop design!


Beautiful Kingman Turquoise 3 stone drop post earrings! You will love the versitility of this pair of earrings! Earrings meaure 2 inches in length. Artist Stamp: Joe L Gray.


A jewelry staple item! These Navajo Pearl hoops will go great with anything.


A great pair of earrings for everyday!  Beautiful sterling silver Navajo Pearl hoops.


You won't believe your eyes when you see these hoops in real life! The picture could never do it justice, but these Navajo Pearl earrings are amazing!


These Navajo Pearl hoops are accented with two deep colored turquoise beads at the bottom of each hoop! This pair of earrings is absolutely stunning and perfect to add to your turquoise collection!


Sterling silver is timeless and so are these Navajo Pearl hoops! The size and shapes of the different Navajo Pearl beads is what catches your eye and steals your heart!


The alternations of turquoise and sterling silver beads will have you quickly falling in love! A hoop earring is a staple in your jewelry box and these just might be the perfect pair for you!


Classy and sweet, everyone will be asking you where you got these! The elegance of Navajo Pearls and turquoise is unmatched and they will be your new favorite!


Cute and fun! That's what you'll be thinking when you see these earrings in person, they are even prettier than the picture! An easy pair of earrings to throw on and hit the road.


Long and elegant! These beautiful, linear shaped earrings are truly one of a kind! The graduated Navajo Pearls are sure pretty and the shape is stunning!


These edgy earrings have the perfect light blue Kingman stone. Earring length: 2 1/2 inches. Earring Width: 1/2 inch. Artist Stamp.


These beautiful hoops showcases graduated pearl sizes with a 10MM bead in the center!