Boasting gorgeous mixes of the most precious stones, these Zuni earrings are sure to gain attention! A vibrant addition to any collection or outifit!


A lovely combination of a variety of stones create these Zuni artisan made earrings! With a rainbow of colors, these earrings will stun any on-looker!


The most stunning rainbow of colors in these Zuni Inlay Earrings. Such delicate simplicity to add to any outifit!


A classic!  This gray T-shirt is so soft and comfortable!  You'll love the material and how easy it is to style this T-Shirt!


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You belong amongst the stars and with this necklace you'll be right there! This is a fun and beautiful piece of jewelry!


This Bumblebee pendant is a great size! The sterling silver surrounding the stone gives this piece so much character. You'll get lost in the colors of this pendant.


You'll be classic and elegant with this White Buffalo cuff! A gorgeous stone with beautiful contrasts of black and white.


Get lost in the sea of black that accents the bright white of this stone! A beautiful White Buffalo cuff.


With rich brown Jasper amongst ribbons of teal Turquoise, each Boulder Turquoise ring has its own unique patterns and color variations!


Breathtaking colors and beautiful ribbons of Jasper and turquoise make up this amazing Boulder Turquoise ring!


Dense and delicate all at once, the Boulder Turquoise ring is a piece of jewelry to be reckoned with! Each stone in unique in its comination of brown Jasper amongst the blue


Sure to bring a lifetime of joy and beauty, this Boulder Turquoise ring boasts uniqueness! Containing ribbons of beautiful browns and teals, it is a stunning display!


Simply breathtaking, this pair of earrings contain the unique Boulder Turquoise. With ribbons of Jasper and turquoise, what is not to love!?


Full of rarity and showing off its unique ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise, this Boulder Turquoise ring is a work of art!


At times referred to as " Ribbon Turquoise," the trails and lines of lovely brown Jasper amongst the blues in the Tuquoise are what make this ring so rare! The Boulder Turquoise is a must have for any turquoise admirer!


A ring to love for a lifetime with the most lovely ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise! The Boulder Turquoise contained in this ring is sure to gain compliments!