A stunning turquoise link bracelet made up of clusters of Kingman turquoise stones.


This cuff is sure unique! A gorgeous combination of rich red Spiny Oyster stones and deep blue turquoise.


Make a statement in this cuff!  A large Royston stone surrounded by smaller Royston stones.


Blues, greens, browns, greys, and even yellows can be found in this magnificent cuff!


A beautiful patina gives this piece a vintage look.  Stunning Blue Diamond turquoise in this cuff!


The perfect accessory for those who dare to be bold! A beautiful bangle with Sleeping Beauty stones!


This three stone Royston turquoise cuff is absolutely incredible!  A truly gorgeous piece of jewelry.


The images that can be depicted in this sterling silver cuff include a longhorn, accented with people playing music on each side of the longhorn.


The golden brown matrix that runs through this blue-green stone is remarkable.


Remarkable stamped designs around the sterling silver band of this cuff and completed with a beautiful Pilot Mountain turquoise stone in the center!


Sterling silver feathers, swirls and other accents are completed with the perfect Pilot Mountain turquoise stone.


Sterling silver stands out with a mixture of blues and reds from the Sleeping Beauty & Coral Stones in this cuff!


You will find yourself staring at all of the little Sleeping Beauty stones that have been so meticulously placed on this bracelet.


A stunning sterling silver cuff that is encrusted with Sleeping Beauty stones!


The colors in this Chrysocolla Malachite cuff are sure to get your attention!


Stand out from the crowd in this incredible cuff!


This cuff will make an absolute statement with it's bold Chrysocolla Malachite stone.


Stopping the show in this outstanding Boulder turquoise 3 stone cuff!