A unique Navajo Pearl bracelet with different sizes of sterling silver pearls! *Sold Individually*


Blues, greens, browns, greys, and even yellows can be found in this magnificent cuff!


A beautiful patina gives this piece a vintage look.  Stunning Blue Diamond turquoise in this cuff!


Bright blues of Kingman turquoise are truly striking in this beautiful cuff!  This is a showstopper!


This Royston turquoise cuff is just stunning! A truly incredible piece of jewelry!


This Kingman cuff even has a few Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones in it for a gorgeous mixture of blues!


Incredible craftsman in this Spiny Oyster inlay cuff! Beautiful orange and purple Spiny stones!


The perfect accessory for those who dare to be bold! A beautiful bangle with Sleeping Beauty stones!


A stunning White Buffalo cuff with beautiful black matrix running through the large stone!


This three stone Royston turquoise cuff is absolutely incredible!  A truly gorgeous piece of jewelry.


The images that can be depicted in this sterling silver cuff include a longhorn, accented with people playing music on each side of the longhorn.


These beautiful Navajo Pearl bracelets showcase a mixture of 4MM, 5MM beads & 6MM beads.


These Navajo Pearl bracelets are the newest trend in sterling silver jewelry!


The golden brown matrix that runs through this blue-green stone is remarkable.


Remarkable stamped designs around the sterling silver band of this cuff and completed with a beautiful Pilot Mountain turquoise stone in the center!


Sterling silver feathers, swirls and other accents are completed with the perfect Pilot Mountain turquoise stone.


Sterling silver stands out with a mixture of blues and reds from the Sleeping Beauty & Coral Stones in this cuff!


You will find yourself staring at all of the little Sleeping Beauty stones that have been so meticulously placed on this bracelet.