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We love the statement a three stone pendant makes!  Especially when the stones are set in a gorgeous sterling silver setting like this!


Bold and beyond beautiful, this necklace is sure to draw comments! The gorgeous "high" blues in this piece add a stunning touch!


Unique sterling silver bear claw designs surround a beautiful Boulder turquoise stone! This is a truly one of a kind piece!


A sea of yellow orange in this incredible Bumblebee Jasper Pendant!


Add the perfect texture to your necklace stack! The deep orange of the Spiney Oyster and the bright Kingman Turquoise go together perfectly! Necklace measures 24 inches in length. Stamped Sterling.


Beautiful layering piece! The bright orange Spiney Oyster perfectly sets off the eye-catching Kingman Turquoise! Necklace measures 24 inches. Stamped Sterling.


An outstanding piece of turquoise jewelry!  The colors in this Royston Squash Blossom are out of this world beautiful!


Flower Power! A flashy, flower shaped necklace featuring a stunning Pilot Mountain Turquoise stone!


A piece that just gets better with time, this vintage Sleeping Beauty Squash Blossom is amazing.


Get noticed with this stunning Sierra Nevada pendant necklace.


A cute little bear paw necklace at a great price!


Treat yourself to beauty, confidence and style! First of its kind, Dakota Sky Stone is excited to offer a Kingman Turquoise Squash Blossom set that includes a pendant to wear on its own for a more casual look or to wear with the Squash Blossom to add something extra to this classic look! Set includes Squash Blossom, Earrings and Pendant.


Sonoran turquoise comes in different shades of green. These are darker green almost a jade green.


Stunning!  That's the only word to describe these lightweight, Zuni post style earrings!


Green hues, you will fall in love! Hand stamped pendant, with a stunning Sierra Nevada stone!


Stunning!  That's the only word to describe these lightweight, Zuni post style earrings!


Handcrafted Navajo made pendant with a beautiful large Royston stone centered around Coral stones and sterling silver leaf designs.