Amazing craftsmanship in these Zuni pendants.  Styles are in order from left to right! Select a style number from the drop down to see individual photos.


Beautiful Rosie Singer buffalo pendants! Styles are in order from left to right, top to bottom.  Select a style number from the drop down to see individual photo!


The incredible craftsmanship of the Zuni tribe is displayed in this stunning necklace and matching earrings!  A bright, beautiful necklace set!


This is a gorgeous set!  The beautiful blue green coloring of the stones and the matching earrings make this such a great addition to any collection.


A remarkable display of the talented craftsmanship of the Native American artists.  This Hopi necklace is beautiful!


A remarkable 7 stone White Buffalo necklace with beautiful earrings that are a perfect match!


Hand stamped sterling silver details surround a large, striking White Buffalo stone!  This is a beautiful piece of jewelry!


A beautiful combination of Navajo Pearls & authentic turquoise stones.  Select a length from the drop down to see an individual photo & details!


If you love buffalo, you will love this pendant! A beautiful sterling silver buffalo is surrounded with a unique feather design!


This turquoise beauty has a large Kingman stone with golden brown matrix surrounded by smaller stones!


This piece of jewelry exudes class.  Beautiful White Buffalo turquoise stones and remarkable sterling silver details.


An outstanding piece of turquoise jewelry!  The colors in this Royston Squash Blossom are out of this world beautiful!


Big, bold and beautiful! This gorgeous Kingman stone is one for the books.  A beautiful necklace.


One for the books! This a White Buffalo squash blossom is such a statement piece of jewelry for any collection.


A forgone cluster of rich blue Kingman turquoise stones with a matching set of dangle earrings!


There is so much character in this beautiful White Buffalo Squash Blossom necklace!


So stylish in this beautiful Nevada turquoise necklace!  What a gorgeous piece for any collection!


Stopping the show in this beautiful statement piece with a sea of greens, blues and yellows.