An adorable Zuni pendant with amazing inlayed designs & details!  The beautiful colors add so much character! Select a style for a close up photo!


The cutest Zuni Inlay pendant that features Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Black Onyx, Red Coral and Mother of Pearl! All these stones pack so much color into a dainty pendant!


The deep blue of this Kingman Turquoise necklace is so eye-catching! The flecks of golden brown matrix contrast so well with the deep coloring!


A stunning Kingman Turquoise pendant with some character! The beautiful spiderweb matrix stands out against the carefully crafted silverwork!


May your creek never run dry and the Dry Creek Turquoise keep coming! The pale green of Dry Creek Turquoise is the only one of it's kind! The simple Sterling Silver setting of this necklace shows off the natural beauty of the turquoise!


This Kingman Turquoise necklace was made to stand out! The vibrant blue won't be missed!


Flash and flare! With the blue green color and golden brown matrix so unique it can only be Pilot Mountain Turquoise! With a piece like this in your collection you'll want to dress up for even the simplest of occasions!


Matrix for days! The mix of blue and golden brown matrix is truly amazing! Each hand picked Royston Turquoise stone is so unique yet they create a beautiful cohesive piece!


Dress me up or dress me down, but just show me off! This Royston Turquoise Lariat necklace is a new level of beauty! The matrix detail is just amazing!


Your favorite Kingman Turquoise, but with a bit of flare! The lariat style with these beautiful stones is show stopping!


Deep Blue Kingman beauty! Shiny Sterling Silver is the perfect setting for stone this beautiful!


Kingman Turquoise packed with golden brown matrix? I think yes! Grab this shiny and bright beauty!


Flashy and fun! Everyone needs another flashy Kingman Turquoise necklace! The beautiful Sterling Silver setting shows off the stone in the best way possible!


Wow!  This is such a fun piece!  Beautiful Royston stone with an incredible graduated Navajo Pearl necklace.


All eyes on you in this amazing Royston necklace with Navajo Pearl beads of graduated sizes!  Simply breathtaking!


This White Buffalo lariat is a very popular style of necklace!  Something new and fun with beautiful, bright white stones and gorgeous oxidized sterling silver designs.


The sea of colors running through this lariat necklace are colors than can only be found in Royston turquoise!  This is a remarkable necklace,


A one of a kind lariat turquoise necklace attached to 6MM Navajo Pearls!  This is a statement necklace!