A beautiful river of green turquoise flows through this golden brown stone!  This ring is a size 7!


Rivers of blue green matrix run through the brown coloring of this Boulder turquoise ring.


A stunning Golden Hills turquoise ring.  Very faint blue coloring with dark matrix makes this one so unique!


Deep black and brown coloring is brown up by rivers of bright blue turquoise running through this Sunnyside turquoise ring!


The deep blues in this ring are sure unique!  The silver also has an oxidized finish to it, giving this ring a beautiful patina.


Incredible coloring in the stone of this Number 8 ring! Beautiful blue webbed with rich brown matrix!


Tyrone is incredibly unique with its blue green coloring!  Golden brown matrix runs through the stone!


Beautiful yellowish orange hues in this incredible Spiny Oyster cuff!  A gorgeous sterling setting completes the look!


Splashes of orange make this Spiny Oyster ring stand out! A very vibrant ring!


Flecs of blue green turquoise are the perfect hint of color in this stone!


A rich brown coloring is contrasted with bright blue turquoise in these Boulder earrings!