Sterling silver is a staple in any jewelry box! The sauce shape of these Navajo Pearls is what sets them apart from the rest! A gorgeous earring that is simply stunning!


This is a gorgeous and dainty ring that you'll want to stare at all day long! Bright blue turquoise is the perfect way to add that western touch to any look!


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Such a stunning cuff with Sierra Nevada Turquoise


The most perfect pair! This breathtaking White Buffalo necklace and earring set is gorgeous beyond words! A match made in heaven and a must have!


A lovely chain link bracelet, bragging its unique White Buffalo turquoise that will be sure to start conversation with its beauty!


Cute sleeping beauty post earrings with feather detail!


We love the statement a three stone pendant makes!  Especially when the stones are set in a gorgeous sterling silver setting like this!


Such a unique piece with a gorgeous three stone design!  This pendant is a beautiful piece for any collection.


This beautiful cuff showcases 5 incredible stone with blues, greens, browns and the sterling silver designs are what finishes this piece perfectly!


You will get lost in all the different colors to be found in this Royston stone!  The silver cuff details and designs add so much character.


The vintage look in the sterling silver details of this cuff are finished with an incredible Royston turquoise stone!


The only word to describe this one is simply amazing!  The beauty in this  Royston stone is unmatched and the sterling silver details add a beautiful vintage look!


You will want to wear this one every single day!  The remarkable stones in this cuff are unlike any other. This is such a beautiful piece of jewelry.


How do Native American artists squeeze so much character and talent into one piece?! This jewlery is truly art! The aqua blues of this Nevada Turquoise are perfectly broken up by rich matrix, absolutely a timeless piece!


A sea of blue and green in this Kingman turquoise cuff!


A sea of colors that you are sure to love! The matrix in this Kingman ring is so unique and the sterling silver setting just adds to the character of this ring!


A large statement ring that is a swimming pool of Kingman blues! You will wow the crowd in this beautiful large ring.