An amazing Kingman turquoise ring with different shades of blue running through the stone.


An outstanding White Buffalo ring with a large stone speckled with black and grey matrix.  This is incredible.


Such a bold ring with a double Sleeping Beauty turquoise design!  Amazing sterling silver details.


A remarkable Spiny Oyster ring!  This ring is a size 13 and so cool!


A rockstar ring!  This ring showcases a rich, red orange Spiny Oyster stone.


Black onyx is broken up by opal stones in this awesome ring.  This is a really cool piece of jewelry!


Rich blue Kingman turquoise is inlayed with sterling silver, making an incredible ring!


A versatile sterling silver feather pendant that would look great on a man or a woman!


This large cuff is encrusted with 13 Kingman Spiderweb stones!


This large cuff showcases remarkable detail and 3 incredible White Water turquoise stones!


A remarkable Men's Cuff!


Remarkable inlay in this White Buffalo ring.


A powerful Kingman cuff with a heavy sterling silver setting!


A large Kingman turquoise stone with a sterling silver band!


The matrix in the Number 8 turquoise is truly remarkable and the coral pops right next to it in this large ring!


Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones inlayed in an intricate pattern in this ring!


Kingman stones inlayed with sterling silver & black onyx make for a striking ring!


Number 8 & Coral stones make up this awesome ring!