Teardrop shaped Kingman dangle earrings. Length 1" width 1/". Artist stamp J. Stamped sterling.


Beautiful Kingman Turquoise 3 stone drop post earrings! You will love the versitility of this pair of earrings! Earrings meaure 2 inches in length. Artist Stamp: Joe L Gray.


Just the right amount of sterling silver detail around some gorgeous Kingman Turquoise. Artist Stamp: Virginia Becent.


Triangular Kingman earrings with a rope style sterling around the stone. Artist Stamp: Elouise Kee.


These edgy earrings have the perfect light blue Kingman stone. Earring length: 2 1/2 inches. Earring Width: 1/2 inch. Artist Stamp.


Cute and fun Navajo Pearl earrings featuring Kingman Turquoise! The Navajo Pearl size range on this set of earrings is 3MM to 8MM. This set of earrings measures 3 inches in length!


Stunning Navajo Pearl and Kingman Turquoise earrings! Light-weight everyday wear! Featuring bright blue Kingman Turquoise and 5MM Navajo Pearl beads and measuring 3 inches in length!