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Beautiful and classic look of sterling silver Navajo Pearls in a gorgeous hoop design!


A classic look in these beautiful Navajo Pearl earrings!  Simply stunning.


These beautiful hoops showcases graduated pearl sizes with a 10MM bead in the center!


A jewelry staple item! These Navajo Pearl hoops will go great with anything.


These are great for any day of the week as they are very light weight! Beautiful little pair of hoops!


A great pair of earrings for everyday!  Beautiful sterling silver Navajo Pearl hoops.


Sterling silver is timeless and so are these Navajo Pearl hoops! The size and shapes of the different Navajo Pearl beads is what catches your eye and steals your heart!


Classy and sweet, everyone will be asking you where you got these! The elegance of Navajo Pearls and turquoise is unmatched and they will be your new favorite!


Sterling silver is a staple in any jewelry box! The sauce shape of these Navajo Pearls is what sets them apart from the rest! A gorgeous earring that is simply stunning!


Elegant drop-shaped Kingman turquoise and Navajo Pearl earrings! Silvery beads trickle from the ears, pooling into stones resembling the clearest blue water. Earrings measure 2 1/2 inches in length and 1 inch in width.


This necklace is sharp, with biting silver and inky black Navajo Pearls. Sonoran turquoise somewhat softens the look, as vines do to barbed wire. Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 20 inches.


Bright blue Royston turquoise, dappled with stony hues, rests in sections between shining Navajo Pearl strands. Depth and color are aspects that are certainly not lacking in this necklace! Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 20 inches.


Bold silver Navajo Pearls are the backbone of this necklace! Each pearl is luminous, accented by shades of green. The Sonoran turquoise used in this necklace is beautiful! Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 18 inches.


Royston turquoise drapes confidently around the neck, beautiful in its own unique fashion! These rectangular stones come in a variety of shades, from natural, earthy browns and greens the most vivid minty blues! Two small Navajo Pearls stand between blues and greens, giving the piece a subtle metallic pop. Pearls measure 4mm. Necklace measures 16 inches.


A string of dainty and dark Navajo Pearls hangs elegantly around the neck, complimented by lovely Sonoran turquoise! The stones are gorgeous shades of green, reminiscent of moss-covered stones in a bubbling brook. Pearls are 3mm. Necklace measures 16 inches.


Shining and delicate Navajo Pearls rest nicely beside Royston turquoise! Each stone is sky blue and laced with brown, bright color softened by a much earthier shade. Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 18 inches.


This Royston turquoise and Navajo Pearl necklace is somewhat chunky, calling attention to the beautiful expanse of color within each stone! The turquoise ranges from sky blue to olive green, showing off unique brown patterns. Pearls are 5mm. Necklace measures 18 inches.