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NEW NEW NEW- LIMITED QUANTITY Dakota Sky Stone Exclusive Letter Bead Navajo Pearl Necklace. Pick your style and number of letter beads from the drop-down list. See description for other instructions!


Spirited Navajo Pearl necklace! This beauty shows off large, bold pearls and Kingman turquoise stones packed with lively color! Pearls measure 8mm. Various Lengths.  


This Navajo Pearl necklace sings a simple song! Three silvery strands create a beautiful harmony. Pearl strands respectively measure 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. Various Lengths.


Classy Navajo Pearl and Kingman turquoise necklace! This piece is both charming and unchanging, with its dash of color and steady pattern. Pearls measure 6mm. Various Lengths.


Pretty Navajo Pearl and Kingman turquoise three-strand necklace! Silvery pearls trickle in dainty strands, smooth and bright, and stones like vivid fish dot the expanse. Each strand of pearls respectively measures 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 8mm. Various Lengths.  


Dainty, bright Navajo Pearl, Kingman turquoise, and Spiney Oyster necklace! This piece is reminiscent of dewdrops on tin rooves, morning skies, falling leaves, and pumpkin pies - autumn embodied. Various Lengths.


Fierce Navajo Pearl necklace! Three strands stand close, bold and tight-knit. Pearl strands respectively measure 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. Various Lengths.


Chic Navajo Pearl and Kingman turquoise! Each of the stones is the bluest of blue, nestled comfortably into the pearl string's ebb and flow. Pearls measure 3mm to 10mm. Necklace measures 72 inches.


Navajo Pearl necklace, featuring mystical Royston turquoise! A rainbow of sorts spreads throughout the string of pearls, spicing the piece up with tones that range from mint to sage. Pearls measure 4mm. Various Lengths.


Navajo Pearl and Royston turquoise necklace with a soft glow! Silvery pearls shine, their steady sequence broken by warm blue stones. Pearls measure 4mm. Various Lengths.


4MM Navajo Pearl Necklace featuring Pink Conch beads. Various lengths.


Pretty in pink! 3MM Navajo Pearl necklace featuring a Pink Conch bead at the center! Various lengths.


Flashy 8MM Navajo Pearl beads with eye-catching saucer beads splitting the difference! This necklace comes in various lengths.


NEW NEW NEW! Dakota Sky Stone Exclusive Navajo Pearl with White Buffalo Line! Celestial Navajo Pearl and White Buffalo necklace! Chunky pearls are the steady skies to each watercolor stone's moon - truly, this piece resembles lunar bodies and all their phases! Pearls measure 10mm. Lengths: 16in-22in


NEW NEW NEW! Dakota Sky Stone Exclusive Navajo Pearl with White Buffalo Line! Stylish Navajo Pearl necklace with White Buffalo turquoise! This piece is lovely - moonlight and white sand, sharp edges and smooth, sure contours. Pearls measure 6mm. Lengths: 16in-24in.


NEW NEW NEW! Dakota Sky Stone Exclusive Navajo Pearl with White Buffalo Line! Abstract Navajo Pearl and White Buffalo necklace! Small pearls counter larger turquoise stones, giving a lovely sort of contrast both in tone and texture. Pearls measure 3mm. Lengths: 14IN-24IN


A classic look in these beautiful Navajo Pearl earrings!  Simply stunning.