The triangular Kingman Turquoise beads are a unique bead to add to your Navajo Pearl stack! This necklace is 16 inches in length and features 4MM Navajo Pearls!


26 inches, not an easy length to find on Navajo Pearls! This beauty featuring Kingman Turquoise is the piece you've been looking for to finish your stack of pearls! This piece has a gradient style of bead sizes ranging from 3MM to 8MM.


3 strand Navajo Pearl Necklaces have quickly become a Dakota Sky Stone favorite! A great piece to add some dimension to your go to Navajo Pearl look! This necklace is 16 in in length and has a 3MM, 4MM and 5MM strand of beads!


This will be a piece you reach for time and time again! This necklace is 36 inches in length, features piercing blue Kingman Turquoise and Navajo Pearl beads ranging in size from 3MM to 8MM.


his 16 inch necklace features eyecatching Kingman Turquoise and 6MM Navajo Pearls! Your stack of Navajo Pearls has never looked so good!


Be in style with this Navajo Pearl and Kingman Turquoise choker style necklace! 14 inches in length and features a gradient style of beads ranging in sizes of 3MM to 8MM.


Can't go wrong with Kingman Turquoise and Navajo Pearls! This necklace is 20 inches in length and has a range of bead sizes from 3MM to 6MM.


Spice up your Navajo Pearl stack with this gradient bead tassle style Navajo Pearl necklace! 36 inches in length!