This necklace is sharp, with biting silver and inky black Navajo Pearls. Sonoran turquoise somewhat softens the look, as vines do to barbed wire. Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 20 inches.


Bold silver Navajo Pearls are the backbone of this necklace! Each pearl is luminous, accented by shades of green. The Sonoran turquoise used in this necklace is beautiful! Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 18 inches.


A string of dainty and dark Navajo Pearls hangs elegantly around the neck, complimented by lovely Sonoran turquoise! The stones are gorgeous shades of green, reminiscent of moss-covered stones in a bubbling brook. Pearls are 3mm. Necklace measures 16 inches.


These Navajo Pearls are striking, large strips of bright silver between thinner, darker areas. The juxtaposition this design lends to is stunning, and the small Sonoran nuggets nestled between each silver strand accent the piece nicely! The shades of green are much like leaves after spring showers. Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 24 inches.


This will be a piece you reach for time and time again! This necklace is 36 inches in length, features piercing blue Kingman Turquoise and Navajo Pearl beads ranging in size from 3MM to 8MM.


Spice up your Navajo Pearl stack with this gradient bead tassle style Navajo Pearl necklace! 36 inches in length!