A vibrant mixture of Spiny Oyster & turquoise beads are accented with Navajo Pearls in this beautiful Heishi!


If you love vibrant colors, this Santo Domingo set is for you!


A beautiful mixture of bright orange Spiny Oyster beads are offset with gorgeous sterling silver Navajo Pearl beads!


Gorgeous combinations of turquoise, Spiny Oyster and Navajo Pearls!


Beautiful Heishi necklace of Navajo Pearls and Turquoise stones!


Gorgeous turquoise stones are mixed with stunning Navajo Pearl beads!


A gorgeous Heishi necklace that showcases various sizes of Navajo Pearls intermixed with beautiful turquoise stones!


Soar away with this stunning Kingman Spiderweb Heishi Set.


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Incredible greenish blue shades of turquoise in this beautiful necklace!


A beautiful Heishi necklace to add to your turquoise collection!


Spiny Oyster Heishi beads make any outfit stand out!