The craftsmanship of this ring is unmatched, showcasing a claw with a Sleeping Beauty and Coral stone!


Nice heavy band on this White Buffalo ring that makes it suitable for everyday wear


WOW, what an amazing piece of White Buffalo jewelry. You could wear this ring anytime and anywhere.


The white Buffalo stone is said to purify your energy. So, if you are feeling down, treat yourself to this lovely ring


White Buffalo ring with a strong sterling silver band. This would make a nice wedding band. Hint, Hint men !!!


Combinations of turquoise, Black Onyx and Opal make for a striking ring! The colors are outstanding and the look of this ring is bold!


A beautiful inlay ring!  Select your size from the drop down menu.


Dress up any look with this incredible Sonoran ring!


A unique ring with Sleeping Beauty stones and coral!


Sleeping Beauty and Coral are a striking combination!


This ring is absolutely gorgeous! You will want to show this beauty off!

We have multiple sizes of this ring, select your size from the drop down!


Magnificent matrix runs through this Number 8 turquoise stone.