8 beautiful turquoise stones make up this amazing ring! The coloring of each stone is absolutely gorgeous!


A gorgeous cluster of Sierra Nevada turquoise stones make a statement in this beautiful ring!


A beautiful cluster of Spiny Oyster & Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones in a unique rectangular ring!


This White Buffalo ring is dainty and cute! The size is just perfect without being overpowering.


A beautiful, bright blue coloring of this stone is broken up with iron pyrite matrix in this ring!


Love the shape of this one and the Boulder turquoise stone is absolutely incredible.


Bright colors of yellows and oranges are offset with a unique grey matrix.


Light blues with a splotch of brown matrix on the side of this Golden Hills turquoise ring!


Truly beautiful light blue Golden Hills turquoise with an incredible brown matrix running through the stone!


A beautiful, elongated White Buffalo stone with light grey and black matrix running through the stone!


Such a unique design! This Sonoran ring is remarkable!


This will definitely be your new favorite ring!


Truly unique in this Sonoran Ring!


Beautiful Sonoran Turquoise with a remarkable sterling silver surround!


This beautiful, oval shaped ring showcases beautiful blue green Sonoran turquoise!


This ring is such a fun shape! The coloring is beautiful too!


Flecs of Pyrite give this Sonoran ring a beautiful sparkle!


A gorgeous Sonoran Turquoise ring!