Beautiful blues and greens are complimented with brown matrix in this gorgeous ring!


Splashes of orange make this Spiny Oyster ring stand out! A very vibrant ring!


Stand out in this Sonoran turquoise ring!


Sky blues in this beautiful Golden Hills ring!


This Golden Hills stone is broken up with beautiful dark matrix!


A simple matrix splotch in the center of this Golden Hills stone.


A stunning Golden Hills ring with incredible matrix running through the stone!


Beautiful high blues of Golden Hills turquoise in this size 8 ring!


Dainty and cute in Sonoran turquoise!


Light green hues with veins of darker green matrix running through the stone!


A beautiful, elegant ring with an incredible sterling setting and a gorgeous turquoise stone!


This beauty has a gorgeous White Buffalo stone!


A total wow piece of jewelry! This Sonoran ring is STUNNING!


Large flecs of shiny silver pyrite contrast the blues and greens in this ring perfectly!


A total wow piece! This beautiful Sonoran ring has a stunning stone and an outstanding sterling setting!


You'll be staring at your finger all day long with this beauty!


A mixture of light and dark green with a perfect hint of blue give this ring a unique look!


Shiny silver pyrite mixed with beautiful Sonoran green turquoise!