Flash and flare! With the blue green color and golden brown matrix so unique it can only be Pilot Mountain Turquoise! With a piece like this in your collection you'll want to dress up for even the simplest of occasions!


Matrix for days! The mix of blue and golden brown matrix is truly amazing! Each hand picked Royston Turquoise stone is so unique yet they create a beautiful cohesive piece!


Dress me up or dress me down, but just show me off! This Royston Turquoise Lariat necklace is a new level of beauty! The matrix detail is just amazing!


Your favorite Kingman Turquoise, but with a bit of flare! The lariat style with these beautiful stones is show stopping!


Looking for the perfect statement piece for your collection?  Look no further!  This Kingman Squash Blossom includes matching earrings to make the perfect set.


Pick out one of these stunning White Buffalo Turquoise sets and the hard work of choosing a matching earring is already done! Select a style from the drop down for a closeup picture!


A Squash Blossom with some attitude, classy and sassy! The perfect necklace made for someone not looking for a full sized Squash Blossom but still loves the Squash Blossom style! This stunning set is completed with perfectly matching earrings!


Absolutely breathtaking!  These White Buffalo sets are in order from left to right, top to bottom. Select a style number from the drop down to see an individual photo.


The striking combination of black and white can’t be missed in these White Buffalo sets!  Select a style from the drop down to see individual photo of each set!


So stunning!  These White Buffalo sets are amazing.  Select a style from the drop down to see individual photo of each set.


The perfect gift idea!  These Kingman sets are incredible!  In order from left to right, select a style number from the drop down to see each set individually.


Now that is what we call a statement piece! A gorgeous Tyrone Turquoise stone surrounded by sparkling Sterling Silver!


The incredible craftsmanship of the Zuni tribe is displayed in this stunning necklace and matching earrings!  A bright, beautiful necklace set!


Stopping the show in this beautiful statement piece with a sea of greens, blues and yellows.


If you love vibrant colors, this Santo Domingo set is for you!


The amount of character in this Golden Hills lariat set is unlike any other! Absolutely stunning!!


This remarkable Royston turquoise necklace set features intricate designs and stunning Royston stones!


A work of art showcasing clusters of high blue, Golden Hills turquoise stones.