Gorgeous inlayed turquoise stones in these hoop earrings!


What a stunner! This Sleeping Beauty pendant has the perfect amount of luster, and the contrast between the Sterling silver frame, brilliant turquoise stones, and darkened backdrop is comparable to galaxies in the night sky. Fits Navajo Pearls up to 10mm. Pendant measures 4 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches in width. Artist stamped. *Navajo Pearls not included.*


This Sleeping Beauty and Coral ring is pretty as can be! Bright stones rest atop a beautiful silvery band, complimenting the hand-carved linework perfectly! Ring is size 14. Ring measures 1 1/8 inch in length and 1 1/8 inch in width.


Lovely Sleeping Beauty ring! Bits of fallen sky settle in bright, drop-shaped petals, bringing a beautiful burst of color to this little piece. Ring is size 5. Ring measures 5/8 inch in length and 5/8 inch in width.