The coloring in the stones of this ring is amazing.  Deep blue green contrasted with shiny sterling silver designs!


A beautiful river of green turquoise flows through this golden brown stone!  This ring is a size 7!


Amazing webbed matrix runs through this beautiful blue green Kingman turquoise stone.  This ring makes a statement!


A beautiful White Buffalo ring with a gorgeous inlay style design.  The black & white coloring looks so sharp in this ring!


This striped black and white coloring is so unique!! This White Buffalo ring is unlike any other.


A stunning, bright white ring!  Small flecs of grey matrix break up the beautiful coloring of this White Buffalo ring.


Soft green coloring against shiny sterling silver gives you a ring as beautiful as this one.


Such an elegant ring with a beautiful blue Kingman turquoise stone.  The slender shape of this ring is very rare to find!


How fun is this design? This funky ring is such a fun accessory to wear!!


The square shape of this ring is so unique because it’s actually made up of multiple Kingman turquoise stones inlayed together.


Shiny silver pyrite against a beautiful, rich blue color is such a perfect contrast!  The sterling band is so unique on this ring!


A stunning green Number 8 turquoise stone with beautiful speckled of brown through the stone!


Beautiful speckles of grey break up the striking white of this White Buffalo stone!  A gorgeous ring!


The sterling silver design in this ring is what sets it apart from the rest, not to mention the beautiful White Buffalo stone!


A fun combination of White Buffalo & Sleeping Beauty turquoise!  This ring is a showstopper!


An amazing Kingman turquoise ring with different shades of blue running through the stone.


An incredible Black Onyx ring with turquoise & Spiny Oyster for an amazing design.


An outstanding White Buffalo ring with a large stone speckled with black and grey matrix.  This is incredible.