Cute sleeping beauty post earrings with feather detail!


So much character in these beautiful, long and lightweight Sleeping Beauty turquoise earrings!


The artistry in these is truly remarkable! Sterling silver feather details contrasted with a bright blue Sleeping Beauty stone!


You will find yourself staring at all of the little Sleeping Beauty stones that have been so meticulously placed on this bracelet.


A unique accessory that you will want to add to your turquoise collection!


A timeless accessory with a beautiful Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone!


The Sleeping Beauty stone in the center of this sterling silver barrette is truly beautiful!


Incredible sterling details in these post earrings, accented with a Sleeping Beauty stone!


The sterling details are stunning in these earrings!


Make a statement in these beauties!! These earrings are just incredible!


This beautiful cuff is encrusted with Sleeping Beauty stones!


A unique ring with Sleeping Beauty stones and coral!


Sleeping Beauty and Coral are a striking combination!


For those who prefer to be bold! :)


For those of you who want to be bold!