Select length & pearl size to see a photo of specific Navajo Pearl necklace


A unique Navajo Pearl bracelet with different sizes of sterling silver pearls! *Sold Individually*


Beautiful, sphere shaped sterling silver Navajo Pearls give such a unique look!


A beautiful combination of sterling silver Navajo Pearls & bright blue green turquoise!


Another fun three dimensional design with a large hoop and two smaller hoops inside!


A three dimensional design with a hoop inside of another hoop!  A classic pair of sterling silver earrings!


A beautiful, round hoop of sterling silver Navajo Pearls!


These beautiful hoops showcases graduated pearl sizes with a 10MM bead in the center!


A jewelry staple item! These Navajo Pearl hoops will go great with anything.


These are great for any day of the week as they are very light weight! Beautiful little pair of hoops!


Beautiful and classic look of sterling silver Navajo Pearls in a gorgeous hoop design!


A classic look in these beautiful Navajo Pearl earrings!  Simply stunning.


A great pair of earrings for everyday!  Beautiful sterling silver Navajo Pearl hoops.


Blues, greens, browns, greys, and even yellows can be found in this magnificent cuff!


A beautiful patina gives this piece a vintage look.  Stunning Blue Diamond turquoise in this cuff!


Bright blues of Kingman turquoise are truly striking in this beautiful cuff!  This is a showstopper!


This Royston turquoise cuff is just stunning! A truly incredible piece of jewelry!


8 beautiful turquoise stones make up this amazing ring! The coloring of each stone is absolutely gorgeous!