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Fierce Navajo Pearl necklace! Three strands stand close, bold and tight-knit. Pearl strands respectively measure 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. Various Lengths.


Chic Navajo Pearl and Kingman turquoise! Each of the stones is the bluest of blue, nestled comfortably into the pearl string's ebb and flow. Pearls measure 3mm to 10mm. Necklace measures 72 inches.


Navajo Pearl necklace, featuring mystical Royston turquoise! A rainbow of sorts spreads throughout the string of pearls, spicing the piece up with tones that range from mint to sage. Pearls measure 4mm. Various Lengths.


4MM Navajo Pearl Necklace featuring Pink Conch beads. Various lengths.


Pretty in pink! 3MM Navajo Pearl necklace featuring a Pink Conch bead at the center! Various lengths.


NEW NEW NEW! Dakota Sky Stone Exclusive Navajo Pearl with White Buffalo Line! Celestial Navajo Pearl and White Buffalo necklace! Chunky pearls are the steady skies to each watercolor stone's moon - truly, this piece resembles lunar bodies and all their phases! Pearls measure 10mm. Lengths: 16in-22in


NEW NEW NEW! Dakota Sky Stone Exclusive Navajo Pearl with White Buffalo Line! Stylish Navajo Pearl necklace with White Buffalo turquoise! This piece is lovely - moonlight and white sand, sharp edges and smooth, sure contours. Pearls measure 6mm. Lengths: 16in-24in.


NEW NEW NEW! Dakota Sky Stone Exclusive Navajo Pearl with White Buffalo Line! Abstract Navajo Pearl and White Buffalo necklace! Small pearls counter larger turquoise stones, giving a lovely sort of contrast both in tone and texture. Pearls measure 3mm. Lengths: 14IN-24IN


Sterling silver is a staple in any jewelry box! The sauce shape of these Navajo Pearls is what sets them apart from the rest! A gorgeous earring that is simply stunning!


Bold silver Navajo Pearls are the backbone of this necklace! Each pearl is luminous, accented by shades of green. The Sonoran turquoise used in this necklace is beautiful! Pearls measure 3mm. Necklace measures 18 inches.


A string of dainty and dark Navajo Pearls hangs elegantly around the neck, complimented by lovely Sonoran turquoise! The stones are gorgeous shades of green, reminiscent of moss-covered stones in a bubbling brook. Pearls are 3mm. Necklace measures 16 inches.


This Royston turquoise and Navajo Pearl necklace is somewhat chunky, calling attention to the beautiful expanse of color within each stone! The turquoise ranges from sky blue to olive green, showing off unique brown patterns. Pearls are 5mm. Necklace measures 18 inches.


18 inch Navajo Pearl earrings featuring beautiful Pink Conch and bright Kingman Turquoise! Navajo Pearls are 5MM in size. Navajo Made.


Dainty and cute is the name of the game with this adorable Navajo Pearl bracelet! 4MM Navajo Pearls wrap around your wrist and are finished with a stylish clasp!


A perfect addition to your jewelry box! This sterling silver bracelet features 8MM Navajo Pearls and a beautiful clasp!


Small Navajo Pearls are very trendy right now and these cute stretch style bracelets are so fun to wear! Wear them one at a time or layer together!


The classic look of Navajo Pearls in an easy to wear bracelet that stretches! These are so comfy and stylish at the same time!


These bracelets showcase 5MM Navajo Pearls and are a stretch style bracelet! Sold Individually!