Two deep colored turquoise stones accent the bottom of these Navajo Pearl hoop earrings! The coloring of the stones may vary slightly from the photo as we have multiple of this style earrings!


You'll be showing these off every chance you get! It's always fun to see sterling silver Navajo Pearls mixed with bright blue green turquoise in a stunning pair of earrings!


Going out on the town or heading to work, these earrings will take you anywhere! You'll love the comfort and style of these lightweight hoops!


If you love Navajo Pearls and turquoise, you'll love the classic combination of these earrings! The sterling silver sure shines when paired with turquoise!


Feel powerful when you put on these hoops! The larger Navajo Pearl beads are accented with darker turquoise stones and sure make for an amazing pair of earrings!


This gorgeous pair of round Navajo Pearl hoops will quickly become your new favorite earring! You will be loving the shape and style of these so much!


Cute and fun! That's what you'll be thinking when you see these earrings in person, they are even prettier than the picture! An easy pair of earrings to throw on and hit the road.


A perfect mixture of different sized Navajo Pearl beads! This is a classy pair of earrings that will have you saying wow! You'll want to wear them every single day.


Loving the interchanging beads of Navajo Pearls and turquoise stones! This is an incredible pair of earrings that will be perfect for any outfit you are wearing!


The perfect pair of round hoops! These sterling silver stunners are finished with turquoise beads and display a beautiful round shape!


Sterling silver is a staple in any jewelry box! The sauce shape of these Navajo Pearls is what sets them apart from the rest! A gorgeous earring that is simply stunning!


How fun are these? The Navajo Pearl hoops are finished with three, flat shaped turquoise beads for a little accent of color! Love these so much!


So darn cute in this pair of sterling silver Navajo Pearl hoops with a turquoise bead at the bottom of the hoop! The dark turquoise is very unique and blends well with the sterling silver.


This beautiful, round hoop earrings mixes Navajo Pearls with turquoise for a classic look you won't want to pass up! They remain lightweight while still making an impact!


A beautiful, round hoop of sterling silver Navajo Pearls!


These beautiful hoops showcases graduated pearl sizes with a 10MM bead in the center!