A remarkable Black Onyx Link bracelet that has multiple rectangles of various sizes!  Such an awesome piece of jewelry.


An incredible Black Onyx ring with turquoise & Spiny Oyster for an amazing design.


Black onyx is broken up by opal stones in this awesome ring.  This is a really cool piece of jewelry!


A large Black Onyx ring with sterling silver details on each side of the stone! This is a size 12.


The detailed inlay designs of the Zuni tribe are unlike any other!  This ring is amazing.


A perfectly elegant pendant that showcases the remarkable craftsmanship of the Zuni tribe!


Coral, Black Onyx and bright blue Sleeping Beauty compliments each other perfectly!


This necklace is incredibly unique and displays the amazing craftsmanship of the Zuni tribe.


A unique, dangling post style earring that is lightweight and absolutely adorable!


A beautiful statement with this Zuni ponytail holder!


Incredible inlay details in this beautiful ponytail holder.


5-stone Black Onyx with hand stamped sterling silver details are the perfect combo in this barrette!


Add a flashy accessory in your hair with this beautiful, eye-catching barrette!


The details in this barrette are outstanding! Completed with a beautiful Black Onyx stone!


Sterling silver handstamped details are accented with a Black Onyx stone!


Sleeping Beauty, Coral, Black Onyx and Mother of Pearl can all be found in these earrings!


A flashy pair of Zuni earrings!


These are in order from left to right, top to bottom, select style number from the dropdown to see individual photo!