This beautiful Boulder Turquoise ring with its handcrafted sterling silver details are a must have! This ring is very unique with its "ribbons" of brown and turquoise!


These earrings are BEAUTIFUL! They have a river of turquoise running thru them.


This Boulder Ring makes a statement! It has a beautiful sky blue stone with brown matrix throughout and Handcrafted Stirling Silver details.


This is a beautiful pendant! With its sky blue stone and brown matrix throughout, Its perfect for everyday or a night out.


This stunning squash bell pendant is the perfect layering piece or leave it by itself!


Dense and delicate all at once, the Boulder Turquoise ring is a piece of jewelry to be reckoned with! Each stone in unique in its comination of brown Jasper amongst the blue


Boasting elegance, the stone of this Boulder Turquoise ring is like no other! Each stone has its own unique pattern!


Perfection is the best way to describe this pair of Boulder Turquoise earrings! With ribbons of brown Japser, and blue turquoise, each pair is unique in its pattern and colors!


Stunning uniqueness and perfection make up this delicate set of Boulder Turquoise earrings! With the most beautiful ribbons of color, it is sure to bring beauty to every outfit!


Precious in every way, this set of earrings boasts gorgeous ribbons of brown and blue! The Boulder Turquoise stones in this set are unique in that no other pair is just alike!


Precious Boulder Turquoise is the star of these incredibly unique earrings! Ribbons of brown and blues create an amazing variety of combinations!


Love a beautiful Boulder cuff and this baby is a classic! The three stone Boulder turquoise design is elegant and beautiful at the same time!


Unique sterling silver bear claw designs surround a beautiful Boulder turquoise stone! This is a truly one of a kind piece!


Stopping the show in this outstanding Boulder turquoise 3 stone cuff!


You won't find another stone like this one.  The beautiful blues, browns and greens give this stone such a unique look!