You belong amongst the stars and with this necklace you'll be right there! This is a fun and beautiful piece of jewelry!


This Bumblebee pendant is a great size! The sterling silver surrounding the stone gives this piece so much character. You'll get lost in the colors of this pendant.


The shape of this stone is remarkable and then the coloring really seals the deal!  This is an incredible piece of Bumblebee Jasper that you won't find again!  A very unique stone to add in your jewelry collection.


An incredible Bumblebee Jasper stone!  Bumblebee is known for it's bright yellow, orange coloring and is broken up with a lovely combo of grays, browns and even black!


The colors of this Bumblebee stone give very dark and mysterious vibes!  The yellow and orange contrast brightens the look up for the perfect contrast.  This is a stunning, large pendant!


The best things come in small packages! A stunning everyday day size ring with beauty you don't see everyday! Bumble Bee Jasper will soon be your favorite too!


Mix it up and be on the lighter side of Bumble Bee Jasper! This ring has a beautiful smokey tone to it, unique is the best way to describe it!


Warning! You will get addicted! This Bumble Bee Jasper ring will steal your heart and leave you wanting more!


Layers on layers on layers! The layers of Bumble Bee Jasper are so distinct in this beautiful ring! This beauty will catch your eye everytime!


A total rock star piece right here! This Bumblebee Jasper has a rare mixture of colors and amazing sterling silver designs!