The perfect pair of Number 8 turquoise post earrings for any occasion!


A beautiful pair of Number 8 Turquoise post earrings that are perfect for everyday wear!


Golden brown, webbed matrix offsets the beautiful rich blue-green coloring of these Number 8 turquoise earrings!


Beautiful Number 8 turquoise earrings display a mixture of blue-green turquoise and a golden brown matrix running through each stone!


A powerful Number 8 turquoise ring!  This one is a true beauty!


A simply outstanding turquoise cuff!


This beautiful belt buckle showcases a stunning Number 8 turquoise stone surrounded by Kingman turquoise stones!


Magnificent matrix runs through this Number 8 turquoise stone.

Earrings are in order from left to right!  Select style number from the drop down to see individual photo!


The matrix in the Number 8 turquoise is truly remarkable and the coral pops right next to it in this large ring!


Number 8 & Coral stones make up this awesome ring!


A large and beautiful Number 8 Turquoise pendant! The matrix in this stone is unbelievable!


A powerful cuff right here! This bracelet would go great for a man's jewelry collection!


This set features a necklace and earring combination.