A colorful blue stone with hints of green. A beautiful moon shaped detail on the sterling silver band for an even more unique look!


The hints of green in the center of the bright blue turquoise stone sure give this ring a unique look! The sterling silver wraps around your finger and makes this ring timeless.


The slight veining of green turquoise running down the bottom corner of the stone is stunning and elegant.


A large and beautiful ring! The blue coloring is finished with a gorgeous sterling silver setting. You won't want to take this beautiful piece of jewelry off!


Makes you just want to stop and stare, this Squash Blossom is amazing! The matching earrings really give you a beautiful set to add to your jewelry box.  We love the coloring of the stones and the vintage feel of the sterling silver design!


We love vintage yes we do, we love vintage, how about you? The perfectly oxidized silver with this amaxing Sierra Nevada stone gives the most beautiful vintage look to this new piece!


Sierra Nevada is easy to love but hard to hold! Meaning hard to hold in stock, grab this eye-catching pendant before it's too late!


Drop it like it's hot! This gorgeous two stone drop pendant features the one and only Sierra Nevada Turquoise! To round out the whole look this necklace set comes with a bold, vibrant set of earrings!


A cuff for all you silverwork lovers out there! Placed at the center of this stunning cuff is a vibrant Sierra Nevada Turquoise stone, full of beautiful matrix! This is a one of a kind work of art!


If you like stunning silverwork and eyecatching stones, this is a ring for you! A rockin' Sierra Nevada Turquoise stone featured in a hand stamped sterling silver setting! Best part about this beauty is it's adjustable! Mix and match with your other rings, perfect for any finger!


The perfect cluster does exist! And it's made of 13 of the most stunning Sierra Nevada stones you could find! This ring makes a statement on any hand!


Such a stunning cuff with Sierra Nevada Turquoise


New, New, New! We are so exited to be offering the half cluster design in pendants, this fresh design can be styled in so many ways! This pendant features 7 one of a kind Sierra Nevada stones, blues and greens can be found throughout each stone!


It's all in the details, Sterling Silver details! You can will find the most stunning webbing in this Sierra Nevada stone, the dark matrix stands out so well against the vibrant blue background!


11 must be your lucky number! 11 one of a kind, Sierra Nevada stones make up this stunning statement ring! The vibrant blue will just steal your heart!


The lariat made to steal your heart and just so happens to be made of your favorite turquoise too! Sierra Nevada Turquoise is the most beautiful mix of green and blues! The 4 stone drop of this necklace gives length and dimension to any outfit!


Live life in full bloom, and full of stunning Sierra Nevada Turquoise! This outstanding necklace features 5 clusters in full bloom and the earrings to match! The matrix of these stones makes this beauty so versitile, complete so many outfits with this piece!


A jaw dropping Sonoran Turquoise ring showing off its vibrant blue hues! The Sterling Silver band pulls it all together!