The perfect accessory for those who dare to be bold! A beautiful bangle with Sleeping Beauty stones!


Sterling silver stands out with a mixture of blues and reds from the Sleeping Beauty & Coral Stones in this cuff!


You will find yourself staring at all of the little Sleeping Beauty stones that have been so meticulously placed on this bracelet.


A stunning sterling silver cuff that is encrusted with Sleeping Beauty stones!


A beautiful, lightweight Concho bracelet made of sterling silver with Sleeping Beauty accents in the center.


This beautiful cuff is encrusted with Sleeping Beauty stones!


Rich blue turquoise stones in this Sleeping Beauty cuff!


Incredible sterling details finished off with a bright blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone in the center.


A thin band makes for an elegant cuff with a gorgeous Sleeping Beauty stone!


Remarkable silversmithing in this sterling silver kachina bracelet.


For those of you who want to be bold!


Sterling Silver Cuff Shadow Box with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. This simple but elegant cuff. *Turquoise may vary slightly from photo