A fun combination of White Buffalo & Sleeping Beauty turquoise!  This ring is a showstopper!


Such a bold ring with a double Sleeping Beauty turquoise design!  Amazing sterling silver details.


This elegant design features 3 sterling silver bands that come together with a Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone.  Select your size from the drop down.


This 4 stone Sleeping Beauty ring is long and elegant! Such a gorgeous design!


Two beautiful Sleeping Beauty stones are complimented by gorgeous sterling silver designs.


The detailed inlay designs of the Zuni tribe are unlike any other!  This ring is amazing.


An adorable heart shaped Sleeping Beauty stone in this cute ring!  Select your size from the drop down!


A cutie heart ring!  Sterling silver is finished with a beautiful blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone.  Select your size from the drop down!


A sterling silver feather wraps around your finger in this unique ring! The best part? It’s adjustable!


Incredible sterling silver details surround two stunning Sleeping Beauty stones!


How fun is this beautiful ring?  Gorgeous coloring of Spiny Oyster surrounded by beautiful Sleeping Beauty stones.


The craftsmanship of this ring is unmatched, showcasing a claw with a Sleeping Beauty and Coral stone!


Dare to be bold with a sterling silver bear ring accented with Sleeping Beauty turquoise & coral stones!


A truly unique ring that showcases a claw, a Sleeping Beauty stone and even a coral stone!


A beautiful cluster of Spiny Oyster & Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones in a unique rectangular ring!


This beautiful feather ring will wrap around your finger and is fully adjustable!


A ring that is both powerful and elegant at the same time!


Sleeping Beauty and Coral make an excellent combo!