The blue greens of Sonoran turquoise are out of this world beautiful.  This lovely ring is a size 9!


Dainty sterling silver details surround a beautiful square shaped Sonoran turquoise stone with incredible coloring.


Deep green matrix overlays a beautiful blue turquoise coloring in this Sonoran ring.


Beautiful greens mixed with bright blue turquoise in this gorgeous Sonoran ring!!


Remarkable coloring in this beautiful Sonoran ring!  Beautiful blues & greens!


Stand out in this Sonoran turquoise ring!


Fashionable Sonoran turquoise post earrings with a single Sonoran turquoise stone in each earring.


Remarkable, three stone, Sonoran turquoise post style earrings!


Elegance and class is what comes to mind when looking at these beautiful Sonoran Turquoise post earrings!


Wow, wow, wow! These beautiful, post style, Sonoran turquoise earrings are just gorgeous.


An incredible pair of statement Sonoran turquoise earrings.


A statement cuff with a beautiful mix of Sonoran and Golden Hills stones!


A large cluster of Sonoran turquoise is complimented by a unique sterling silver feather necklace design


Make a statement in this large Sonoran turquoise cuff!


An incredible Sonoran turquoise cluster cuff with beautiful hues of blues, greens and accented with sterling silver details!


A complete showstopper! This cuff has 7 Sonoran turquoise stones.


Such a unique design with 3 Sonoran stones to tie it all together!


Dainty and cute in Sonoran turquoise!