Ready for anything with the colors in this link bracelet!  The link designs are truly outstanding and the coloring of the Spiny Oyster stones catch your eye and capture your heart!


This brilliant Spiney Oyster pendant boasts a gorgeous orange-red color and beautiful cut! So many things to love about this pendant!


These purple hues and the simple beauty of the Spiney Oyster gemstone in this pendant, is beyond words!


One-of-a-kind, the Spiney Oyster gemstone featured in this piece, is made of the most gorgeous purple hues! A unique cut to add to the beauty, this pendant is so loveable!


A must have for any collection or outfit, this is such a precious pendant, with its vibrant deep purple Spiney Oyster gemstone!


Such a gorgeous pendant shining with deep purples and boasting its rarity and beauty! So many things to love about this piece!


This Spiney Oyster pendant features such breattaking bold purples, and is rare in its beauty! A must have for any collector or jewelry lover!


With brilliant purples and a unique breathtaking cut, the Spiney Oyster stone on this pendant is beyond words!


Unique, rare and beautiful! This vibrant Spiney Oyster pendant has so many features to adore!


Nothing quite like the rest of our jewelry, this Spiney Oyster pendant features the most eye-popping colors!


With the most vibrant purple stone, this Spiney Oyster necklace is simple, yet bold. It is also such a rare stone and difficult to harvest, making it even more special!


This pendant has the most vibrant purple Spiney Oyster stone, with a gorgeous cut! What's not to love?!


Add some color to your arm candy! This bright orange Spiney Oyster stone will catch eyes from everywhere!


With bright oranges and a unique pattern, this Spiney Oyster necklace is brilliant in more ways than one. It is a magical peice to cherish!


Calling all artist Richard Singer fans! New fans or long time fans of Richard Singer's work can admire the impeccable craftsmanship in a piece like this, the silver work detail only enhances the beauty of the Spiney Oyster stones! Get ready for the compliments that come with a piece of this beauty!


So much beauty in this large ring! The sterling swirls and designs are finished with a rich orange Spiny Oyster stone.


*Exclusive Dakota Sky Stone Design* A stunning one of a kind Navajo Pearl design featuring the bright colors of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Spiny Oyster.


A stunning, bright orange Squash Blossom that is such a great size!