Beautiful bright blues are contrasted with brown & green webbed matrix in this incredible cuff!


This Turquoise Mountain cuff features 5 Turquoise Mountain stones and incredible sterling details.


These beauties are attached to a fully adjustable chain that is 18" long. The longhorn measures approx. 3" wide and 1 3/4" tall.


A remarkable turquoise cuff with gorgeous sterling details!


The sterling silver details are simply beautiful in this ring!


An incredible ring with unique sterling silver details surrounding a Turquoise Mountain stone!


A beautiful Turquoise Mountain necklace!  Styles are in order from the left to right, select style number from dropdown to see individual photo!


An outstanding Squash Blossom! This beauty will be your favorite way to dress up any outfit!


Dreamcatchers are stunning & these earrings have the perfect accent of Turquoise Mountain.


Beautiful light blue stones in a stunning setting. This Turquoise Mountain cuff really pops!


Turquoise Mountain and "Birdseye" turquoise come from the same mine in northwestern Arizona near the Kingman mine.