Absolutely breathtaking! This three stone White Water turquoise cuff is outstanding in color and in design! You'll never find another one just like this beauty.


One bright blue White Water turquoise stone to rule them all! Amazing sterling siler designs and handstamped details accentuate this cuff!


A stunning three stone, White Water turquoise design! Beautiful sterling silver details along the band of this cuff! A true beauty.


How incredible is this piece! The sterling silver thunderbird designs on each side of the White Water turquoise stones are truly beautiful. So much character in the details of this cuff!

The perfect bracelet for any wrist!  Style numbers are in order from left to right!  Select a style number from the drop down to see an individual photo.


Lovely light blue White Water turquoise stones in this beauty!


Beautiful light blues of White Water turquoise with incredible matrix running through each stone give this cuff a gorgeous look!