Take your breath away! That's exactly what this amazing White Water turquoise ring is going to do. A turquoise ring is a staple in any jewelry collection.


This ring looks like a beautiful robin egg! The speckles of dark matrix running through the White Water turquoise stone is simply remarkable. This is a beauty!


Webbed matrix is found in this very one of a kind White Water turquoise ring! The blue green coloring is a perfect ring to start off your Spring jewelry collection.


Speckles of black matrix are found in this high blue, White Water turquoise ring for such a one of a kind look! This is the next ring to add to your collection!


Fall in love with this stunning turquoise ring! Featuring beautiful water web and iron pyrite mixes!


Featuring unique webbed textures, this ring is beyond beautiful!


A perfect addition to your wardrode, this ring is so easy to adore!


Wonderfully webbed! Sky blue White Water Turquoise featuring the most beautiful white webbing! Beauty that sticks around forever!