A color pattern like we've never seen before! These Boulder earrings are so unique!


Perfection is the best way to describe this pair of Boulder Turquoise earrings! With ribbons of brown Japser, and blue turquoise, each pair is unique in its pattern and colors!


So unique in its pattern, this set of Boulder Turquoise earrings are like no other! Brown and blue ribbons of Jasper and Turquoise make them dazzle!


Stunning uniqueness and perfection make up this delicate set of Boulder Turquoise earrings! With the most beautiful ribbons of color, it is sure to bring beauty to every outfit!


Precious in every way, this set of earrings boasts gorgeous ribbons of brown and blue! The Boulder Turquoise stones in this set are unique in that no other pair is just alike!


Precious Boulder Turquoise is the star of these incredibly unique earrings! Ribbons of brown and blues create an amazing variety of combinations!


Plain and simple perfection, these Boulder Turquoise earrings are so easy to adore! Ribbons of brown coloring and Turquoise cover the stones.