A showstopper! This Kingman cuff has incredible coloring and remarkable matrix running through the stone! Sterling designs on the band make this beauty stand out!


Everything about this piece screams class! Beautiful triangle shaped pendant with shiny sterling silver details.


Feel like a queen when you wear this marvelous piece of jewelry! The craftsmanship is unmatched in this cuff!


You'll fall in love with each and every detail in this outstanding cuff. A true masterpiece of Native American craftsmanship!


The three dimensional setting of these turquoise stones makes this cuff a masterpiece!


The perfect size for anything!  This sterling silver pendant has cutouts of oxidized silver for a deep contrast against the classic sterling.  The deep blue Kingman turquoise stone has small flecs of deep matrix running throughout.


The shape of this stone is very unique!  The coloring in the Kingman turquoise is a favorite for the classic blue turquoise lover!  Find yourself falling in love with the sterling rope design surrounding the stone in this pendant.


Deep Blue Kingman beauty! Shiny Sterling Silver is the perfect setting for stone this beautiful!


We love the statement a three stone pendant makes!  Especially when the stones are set in a gorgeous sterling silver setting like this!


Such a unique piece with a gorgeous three stone design!  This pendant is a beautiful piece for any collection.


Such a unique and exquisite necklace to cherish! The Kingman turquoise featured in this piece, has the most unique "high" blue tones!


Bold and beyond beautiful, this necklace is sure to draw comments! The gorgeous "high" blues in this piece add a stunning touch!


The most perfect necklace for any turquoise collection, or for a first time collector! The Kingman turquoise is beyond breathtaking and will steal your heart!


Such a perfect statement piece for any outfit! This gorgeous Kingman necklace is a must have!


The Kingman turquoise featured in this necklace, is known for its stunning "bright" blue tones and black matrixes. What a stunning piece for your collection!


Such a precious peice of jewelry to love! The Kingman turquoise is like no other stone, with lovely "high" blues and stunning matrixes!


The perfect gift idea!  These Kingman sets are incredible!  In order from left to right, select a style number from the drop down to see each set individually.


Beautiful bright blues of Kingman turquoise!  Select your size from the drop down!  *Stone may vary slightly as we have multiple quantities of this design!*