Beautiful big round sterling silver beauties!  Styles are in order from top to bottom! Select a style number to see individual photo.


This Kingman ring is handcrafted with intriquite stamping and roping around a light blue stone.


Amazing webbed matrix runs through this beautiful blue green Kingman turquoise stone.  This ring makes a statement!


How fun is this design? This funky ring is such a fun accessory to wear!!


The square shape of this ring is so unique because it’s actually made up of multiple Kingman turquoise stones inlayed together.


An amazing Kingman turquoise ring with different shades of blue running through the stone.


Rich blue Kingman turquoise is inlayed with sterling silver, making an incredible ring!


A fun shape and a gorgeous color, this Kingman ring is sure pretty!


The deep blues in this ring are sure unique!  The silver also has an oxidized finish to it, giving this ring a beautiful patina.


Bright & beautiful blues of Kingman turquoise sure catch your eye in this ring!


The bright blues in this gorgeous Kingman turquoise ring sure catch your eye!!


Sky blues of Kingman turquoise are broken up by golden brown matrix running through the stone.


A stunning turquoise link bracelet made up of clusters of Kingman turquoise stones.


This turquoise beauty has a large Kingman stone with golden brown matrix surrounded by smaller stones!


Slightly oxidized silver provides a beautiful contrast for the gorgeous blue Kingman stones in these earrings!


Making a statement in this beautiful Kingman turquoise ring!  Gorgeous shades of blue steal your heart!


Big, bold and beautiful! This gorgeous Kingman stone is one for the books.  A beautiful necklace.


A forgone cluster of rich blue Kingman turquoise stones with a matching set of dangle earrings!