A showstopper! This Kingman cuff has incredible coloring and remarkable matrix running through the stone! Sterling designs on the band make this beauty stand out!


Feel like a queen when you wear this marvelous piece of jewelry! The craftsmanship is unmatched in this cuff!


You'll fall in love with each and every detail in this outstanding cuff. A true masterpiece of Native American craftsmanship!


The three dimensional setting of these turquoise stones makes this cuff a masterpiece!


An absolutely breathtaking Kingman turquoise cuff! The large Kingman stone sure catches your eye and the sterling silver details will leave you in awe!


The perfect cuff for any occasion! This would make a wonderful gift. One large Kingman turquoise stone stands out against incredible sterling designs.


A sea of blue and green in this Kingman turquoise cuff!


This piece is simply stunning.


A powerful Kingman cuff with a heavy sterling silver setting!


An incredibly designed cuff with a beautiful Kingman stone! Flecs of pyrite in the Kingman stone give it a little sparkle!