An incredible matrix and color combination of blacks, browns and bright whites in this pair of White Buffalo earrings!


The sterling silver edge of these earrings tops of how gorgeous these earring are.


If you are looking for smaller white buffalo earrings with just the right amount of black and white then you have come to the right place.


These earrings have beautiful stones in them with a sleek sterling silver edge.


The perfect size for everyday wear with just the right amount of detail


The sterling silver edging is beautiful on these earrings


White Buffalo is such a bold stone and to have a pair of earrings that the matrix match up so well is a great set.


These have more black than white but will still stand out especially with a white outfit


A great matrix pair with the mirroring of the same designs throughout the stones.


Sterling Silver details bring out the bright, bold whites of White Buffalo! Love these earrings.


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