A stunning White Buffalo cuff with beautiful black matrix running through the large stone!


This White Buffalo ring is dainty and cute! The size is just perfect without being overpowering.


The white coloring is complimented with black matrix on the other half of this ring!


The perfect contrast of black and white are found in each of the stones in this beautiful White Buffalo set.


This wonderful White Buffalo set has a beautiful pendant with matching earrings to compliment each other!


A dainty setting makes these earrings stand out.


These White Buffalo earrings will be your go to pair!


The definition of elegance is this White Buffalo link bracelet.


So much character in the matrix of this stone!


Outstanding mixtures of black, greys and whites make this White Buffalo cuff truly one of a kind!


Patterns of black and grey streak through this White Buffalo stone give this cuff such a unique look!


A beautifully designed White Buffalo cuff!


A gorgeous White Buffalo stone!


Look beautiful in White Buffalo!


Beautiful flecs of black in this White Buffalo pendant!


A magnificent White Buffalo pendant with sterling details that are just as gorgeous as the White Buffalo stone they surround!


A stunning design with a gorgeous White Buffalo stone! *Navajo Pearls sold separately*


A beautiful, elongated White Buffalo stone with light grey and black matrix running through the stone!