A remarkable 7 stone White Buffalo necklace with beautiful earrings that are a perfect match!


A gorgeous contrast of black and white with beautiful sterling silver details!  This is an incredible cuff!


Amazing coloring in these White Buffalo earrings!  The sterling silver provides a beautiful contrast around the stone.


A gorgeous dark black coloring is broken up with strikes of white in these stunning earrings! Sterling silver around each stone adds a beautiful contrast.


These earrings are adorable!  A gorgeous shape and beautiful coloring of black and white!


Hand stamped sterling silver details surround a large, striking White Buffalo stone!  This is a beautiful piece of jewelry!


A stunning, bright white ring!  Small flecs of grey matrix break up the beautiful coloring of this White Buffalo ring.


Beautiful speckles of grey break up the striking white of this White Buffalo stone!  A gorgeous ring!


The sterling silver design in this ring is what sets it apart from the rest, not to mention the beautiful White Buffalo stone!


A fun combination of White Buffalo & Sleeping Beauty turquoise!  This ring is a showstopper!


An outstanding White Buffalo ring with a large stone speckled with black and grey matrix.  This is incredible.


The unique shape and coloring of the stone is what sets this White Buffalo stone apart from the rest!


A real stunner! This White Buffalo ring is absolutely incredible with beautiful inlayed stones.


This piece of jewelry exudes class.  Beautiful White Buffalo turquoise stones and remarkable sterling silver details.


One for the books! This a White Buffalo squash blossom is such a statement piece of jewelry for any collection.


There is so much character in this beautiful White Buffalo Squash Blossom necklace!


Beautiful White Buffalo stones are speckled with light grey matrix in this beautiful necklace.


A stunning White Buffalo necklace set with outstanding black matrix running through each stone.