We are all about making statements around here!  This necklace is truly a statement piece & an excellent collector’s item!


Such a unique pendant with a sterling silver heart inlayed inside this White Buffalo stone!


Won't be getting lost in any crowds when you've got this White Buffalo stone on!


The oval shape of this stone is so fun! Love this piece!


Speckled greys and blacks offset the whites in this stone perfectly!


A beautiful, bold White Buffalo stone! Make a statement.


A perfect, teardrop shaped White Buffalo stone!


Black and White is the perfect contrast! The perfect pendant for any day!


The teardrop shape of this stone is what makes you fall in love!


For the bold and the beautiful, this gorgeous pendant is scattered with coloring of greys and blacks contrasted with bright white!  Love this large White Buffalo pendant and perfect for your Navajo Pearls!


The most perfect pair! This breathtaking White Buffalo necklace and earring set is gorgeous beyond words! A match made in heaven and a must have!


You hate to see her go but love to watch her leave! This statement White Buffalo set will leave everyone in a room speachless! The shine and sparkle of this beauty is unmatched!


Consider this beauty a classic! White Buffalo is a timeless stone, this gorgeous necklace won't ever go out of style!


Beautifully hand crafted silver with the stone to match! There's no doubt this White Buffalo stone makes a statement, but the amazing silverwork pulls the whole piece together!


Just like old movies, jewlery is better in Black and White! We are loving the elongated look to this White Buffalo necklace, always classy and elegant!


Rich and rare! Rich in black matrix, a piece of White Buffalo with this much matrix is a rare beauty! This stunning piece won't go unnoticed!


What a powerful beauty! A White Buffalo pendant that size and strength speak for itself! If there is a statement to be made this pendant will do it for you!


Classy never goes out of style! How beautiful is this elongated White Buffalo stone set in shiny Sterling SIlver!