An outstanding piece of turquoise jewelry!  The colors in this Royston Squash Blossom are out of this world beautiful!


One for the books! This a White Buffalo squash blossom is such a statement piece of jewelry for any collection.


There is so much character in this beautiful White Buffalo Squash Blossom necklace!


A stunning White Buffalo necklace set with outstanding black matrix running through each stone.


You’ll never find another Squash Blossom as beautiful as this one! Gorgeous Nevada turquoise stones with incredible coloring.


A work of art showcasing clusters of high blue, Golden Hills turquoise stones.


A piece that just gets better with time, this vintage Sleeping Beauty Squash Blossom is amazing.


A stunning, bright orange Squash Blossom that is such a great size!


A set of White Water jewelry that you will cherish for a lifetime!


An outstanding Squash Blossom! This beauty will be your favorite way to dress up any outfit!


A beautiful, out of this world, White Buffalo Squash Blossom!


One for the books right here. This incredible, large Kingman turquoise Squash Blossom set is just amazing. Click for more photos, matching earrings included in this beautiful set!


Each and every stone in this Royston Squash Blossom is so different from the next, yet they all go together perfectly in these beautiful pieces! Matching earrings included! See photos


If you love Kingman Spiderweb, this is the Squash Blossom for you! Matching Kingman Spiderweb earrings with this beautiful piece!


You'll never find another like this one.  This Nevada turquoise Squash Blossom is one for the books!  Such an incredible work of art!


Coral is a rare stone to find as Coral is no longer used for jewelry making. Earrings and Squash blossom included in this set.