This bracelet is out of this world. 5 Sierra Nevada stone that are so gorgeous that pictures just will not do it justice. 8" at its longest. 


A radiant mix of brown, blue and green in these 5 stones. 8" at it's longest. 


The perfect size link bracelet for your everyday wear or a special piece for a night out. 8" at it's longest. 


This Sierra Nevada bracelet is so beautiful! Truly stunning with its ice blue stone and sterling silver details. This piece is heavy!


A cuff for all you silverwork lovers out there! Placed at the center of this stunning cuff is a vibrant Sierra Nevada Turquoise stone, full of beautiful matrix! This is a one of a kind work of art!


Such a stunning cuff with Sierra Nevada Turquoise


9 incredible Sierra Nevada turquoise stones sure catch your eye in this incredible bracelet!